Life Extension Super Selenium Complex


Life Extension Super Selenium Complex 200 mcg & Vitamin E

– Supports normal thyroid and immune function in healthy individuals
– Trace mineral that is essential to optimal health
– Suitable for vegetarians

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Selenium is a key cofactor of glutathione peroxidase is an important and powerful antioxidant. Selenium is incorporated into proteins and creates selenoprotein, which is an important antioxidant enzyme. The antioxidant properties of selenoprotein help to prevent the destruction of cells and cellular structures against free radicals.

Other selenoproteins help in the proper functioning and regulation of the thyroid gland and play an important role in the immune system, DNA repair and detoxification of heavy metals.

High doses of vitamin C (more than 1 gram) can enhance the absorption of selenium. This metal is, therefore, best taken in combination with antioxidants such as vitamin C or E.

This formulation provides the best form of selenium in the market since it has been added to vitamin E, which works in conjunction with selenium.


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