Senolytic Activator – With Quercetin, Fisetin, Apigenin.


PROMOTE YOUTHFUL CELLULAR FUNCTION – Cellular senescence is a natural part of aging when cells no longer function optimally. They can accumulate over time, affecting the daily function of your healthy cells. But new research indicates that black tea theaflavins and quercetin can make it easier for your body to manage senescent cells.
EXPERIENCE A REJUVENATION – Senolytic Activator combines black tea theaflavins, the plant-derived flavonoid apigenin and ultra-absorbable forms of quercetin and fisetin to help manage senescent cells and promote systemic rejuvenation in your body.
TAKE JUST ONCE A WEEK – Whether you already take a number of daily supplements, or just welcome the convenience, Senolytic Activator only requires once-a-week dosing. It’s easy to manage senescent cells, promote healthy cellular function and support longevity with Senolytic Activator.
For Immune Support, Anti-Aging & Longevity – Supports Systemic Rejuvenation


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