Small Parasite Cleanser

Small Parasite Cleanser



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Quick Overview
  •  Removes intestinal parasites that are too small to be glimpsed under the naked eye.
  •  Promotes better stomach health.
  •  Promotes digestive balance.
The organic ingredients of this parasite cleanse  have well-established reputations for antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial actions. The Small Parasite Cleanser is designed to work synergistically with other parasite cleansers from Blessed Herbs.
Herbal Ingredients:
   Black Walnut Green Hulls – Black Walnut is native to North America. Black Walnut promotes healthy digestive action and evacuation as a powerful laxative. Black Walnut can promote a natural reaction to stomach parasites, encouraging your body to expel them.
   Olive Leaf Extract – Olea Europaea leaves deliver many of the same benefits of olive oil: potent antioxidant compounds and immune system supporting polyphenols. These active plant compounds promote your body’s healthy immune response to a wide range of environmental stressors.
   Pau D’Arco Bark – Native to South America, the bark of this tree is thought of as a widely-successful treatment for fungal infections. The active compounds have antibacterial and antiviral properties as well as traditional use as an antifungal treatment.
   Cat’s Claw Bark – Some of the active plant compounds in Cat’s Claw Bark can be taken to support your body’s natural immune system, and to promote stomach and digestive health.
   Barberry Root – Barberry Root is a source of Berberine, a plant compound that promotes a healthy immune response when used to address fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Barberry may support a healthy heart and encourage healthy liver functions.
   Echinacea Angustifolia root – Echinacea strains have long been used by Native Americans for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. There is a widely-held belief that Echinacea can promote an increased


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