Super Fertility: Natural Remedy For Getting Pregnant


• Generates dormant sexual energy
• Increases sexual sensitivity
• Increases endometrium wall
• Supports blood flow and circulation
• Promotes hormone regulation
• Famous Blood builder
• Assists to replenish deep energy reserves
• Promotes sexual fluids
• Supports better energy



Radiant Wonder has developed a very successful natural and safe program for getting pregnant and having healthy babies. Our program is based on ancient Chinese herbalism.

Super Fertility #1 is one of our special formulas designed specifically to increase fertility, and thus increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Super Fertility #1 builds blood, helps the blood to move more freely, strengthens the uterus and nourishes the Directing and Penetrating Vessels. In Chinese Herbal theory, the Directing and Penetrating Vessels are energy channels that support the gynecological system.

The Radiant Wonder Super Fertility Formulas help to charge up dormant sexual energy and increase sexual sensitivity. They are based on classic formulas directed at improving sexual vitality and heightening reproductive functions. The ingredients are used to enhance sexuality, both to calm and to energize. This formula supports uterine blood flow and circulation.

Super Fertility #1 also helps to increase sexual fluids, and intensify the sexual experience. This formula is not for women who tend to get warm at night, but is excellent for those who chill easily, have had frequent miscarriages, periods that are longer than 28 days, or periods that are not consistent.

With Chinese Herbalism, it is not possible to only enhance one aspect of the body function alone, because the herbal science is developed for the body as a whole. So when you take Super Fertility #1, you will not only increase your chances for getting pregnant, but you will be preparing yourself for a stronger pregnancy and a more satisfying motherhood. As you take Super Fertility #1, you will find an increase in both your energy and your sense of calm.

It is likely that most women who believe they are infertile, in fact have an imbalance. Imbalance is not a medical condition, and it is something that can be corrected! Contact a trained Radiant Wonder herbalist today to learn more about healing herbs, foods, and exercises that can help your body return to balance. Call us for a free consultation.

Of course, there are exceptions, but for most of us women, it is the lives we have been living that have temporarily inhibited our fertility. Your body is not your enemy, it is your friend, and if you give it the right deep nourishment and support it with some energy exercises, you will find it has an ability to rejuvenate that surprises you.


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