Udo's Choice - Adult's Blend Probiotic Capsules - 60 Count

Udo’s Choice – Adult’s Blend Probiotic Capsules – 60 Count



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Quick Overview
  • Formulated to bolster natural microflora for optimal digestion and regular bowel movements
  • Udo’s blends are able to survive the stomach acids to reach the intestinal tract at full potency
  • All 7 blends of Udo’s probiotics use only medicinal strains of friendly, probiotic bacteria
  • The formula delivers 10 billion viable cells per capsule at date of expiry
  • For best results, keep refrigerated
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Udo’S Choice Adult’S Probiotic Has 8 Strains Of Adult-Specific Friendly Bacteria At The Appropriate Strength Needed For Adults Ages 16-55. It Is A Potent Formula That Helps Support Healthy Microflora Of The Small And Large Intestines.* Each Vegetarian Capsule Of Udo’S Choice Adult’S Probiotic Contains 12 Billion Viable Cells Per Capsule (At Date Of Manufacture) To Help Promote Proper Digestion And Provide Relief From Occasional Intestinal Discomfort.* Unique Company Features: At Flora, We Have Been Manufacturing And Supplying Quality Herbal Remedies For Distribution In The United States Since 1988, But Our Roots Stretch Back To Germany In The Early 1900’s, Where Dr. Otto Greither, Grandfather Of The Current Owner Thomas Greither, Dedicated His Life To The Discovery, Production And Distribution Of Natural Health Care Products. We Have Preserved His Original Dedication To Perfect European Herbal Remedies That Ensure Maximum Purity, Quality And Potency. Product Specifications: 60 Caps


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