L-5-Mthf ( Best Methylated Folate for Pregnancy Care)



Key Benefits and Actions
Pure, non-racemic form of L-methylfolate
May help support a healthy nervous system
May help support a healthy prenatal regimen along with a healthy diet and lifestyle
May help support healthy methylation processes
L-5-MTHF Lozenges by Seeking Health provide 1,000 mcg of pure non-racemic l-methylfolate, a coenzyme form of folate, in a naturally flavored lozenge format. Folate is a water-soluble B vitamin that occurs naturally in food, such as leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, dried beans, and peas. L-5-methylfolate (L-5-MTHF) requires no additional metabolic steps to be used by the body, thus it is often the preferred choice for those with absorption or metabolic defects. L-5-MTHF efficiently supports methylation, DNA biosynthesis, homocysteine metabolism, and nervous system function. L-5-MTHF is easily absorbed and used by cells. It is the predominant folate in circulation and the only folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier.


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