Plantation Organic Blackstrap Molasses, 15 Oz



Product Description:

A product obtained from the sugarcane refining process, blackstrap molasses is a highly nutritional product, which contains vital nutrients including vitamins and minerals. This nutritional and healthier sugar alternative is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Other essential nutrients that are present in blackstrap molasses include calcium, manganese, copper, cobalt, sodium, phosphorus and chromium. Along with these essential vitamins and nutrients, blackstrap molasses is also a good source of carbohydrates and energy, along with having low quantities of fat and fiber. It also has very good antioxidant properties. Ingredients: Lyva organic Blackstrap Molasses is 100% natural and pure product without any additives or preservatives added to it.


Blackstrap molasses, a super-food in its own might, has the highest nutritive grade of molasses available. The high content of essential minerals and vitamins that it contains plays a vital role in the health benefits that this product imparts to its users. Some of the major benefits obtained from blackstrap molasses are enlisted below:

* Decreased oxidative damage and reduced risk of cancer

* Diminished chance of obesity and weight gain

* Maintains Haemoglobin levels in the body

* Improves functioning of the nervous system

* Prevents blood clots

* Treats constipation

*Maintains bone health

* Prevents diabetes due to its low glycemic index

* Gives relief from acne

*Promotes wound healing and healthy growth of tissues

* Encourages healthy growth of hair and softens and conditions them.

Who should consume it? For everyone wishing to move to a healthy lifestyle and diet, adding Blackstrap Molasses to their diet can reap multiple benefits. It also helps people suffering from diabetes by a much healthier alternative for regular sweeteners like sugar. Along with this, people suffering from obesity or those wishing to reduce their weight can benefit greatly from it. Blackstrap molasses also is useful to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, menorrhagia, constipation, bone diseases, acne, headache and fatigue. About the Brand: Lyva is a well managed initiative to bring you the highest quality, all-natural, authenticated organic products direct from farmers across the globe. The inspiration behind the brand lies in bridging this gap and providing value to the end customer looking for premium, exclusive and extra-ordinary naturally grown organic food products, without compromising on the quality.


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