Soursop Bitters


Eliminates Tumors and Super Detoxifier

Cleanses the colon, eliminate toxins in the colon and body to prevent and relieve constipation and poor bowel movement. Promotes vitality, boost the immune system and increase the energy level for proper body function. Improve circulation, balance blood flow and circulatory system for normal and healthy skin complexion.

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Soursop Bitters is a herbal blend that can be utilized to deal with a number of lingering health issues such as inflammation, joint pain, stomach-related problems and others.
Soursop Living Bitters is a multipurpose drink that should be used by any and everyone in their diet. Soursop Bitters is high in antioxidant which helps to reduce Insomnia, Uric Acid & Back Pain and neutralize harmful compounds in the human body.
Soursop living bitters has antibacterial properties and may be effective against some strains of bacteria responsible for the disease.


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