TUDCA Liver Support Supplement

500mg Servings, Liver Health Aid for Detox and Cleanse Genuine Bile Acid

Made and Tested in the USA; Double Wood\’s TUDCA pills are manufactured and tested for microbes / heavy metals right here in the USA

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TUDCA is considered a liver support supplement since it promotes healthy levels of liver enzymes.
Support Liver Regenesis Rates; TUDCA is an excellent liver care supplement that supports your liver\’s ability to regenerate.
Other Health Benefits; TUDCA is most known for liver health but also supports intestinal, immune, heart, and thyroid health.


• Support the digestion of fats and oils
• Promote a healthy microbiome with healthy biodiversity
• Support a healthy inflammation response in the GI tract
• Help reduce cellular stress & protect DNA
• Works with other bile salts to prevent premature cell death (apoptosis)
• May provide neuroprotective benefits.



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